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And if a genuine, honest-to-God emergency like a tornado or alien abduction really happens on your way to a scheduled meeting, be sure to be contrite and expect that it may then take time before you can get another appointment. Rid yourself of the silly saying "those who can't do, teach," learn not to fear professors and enjoy what they have to offer.Contrary to some popular wisdom, college professors are capable, and usually not dangerous predators, at least inside of their natural university habitats.There is a lot of reading in his classes but the chapters in his book are very short because they go straight to the point.During his lectures he does get off topic but it all relates to the point his trying to get across. So I took this class 2 summers in a row, and the first summer he was very specific as to how he was grading the test and what would be on the test, which made it much easier to study.Unless the professor tells you otherwise, refer to them as Professor or Doctor and their last name.Your professors have spent more time in school than pretty much anyone else, faced really long odds to get a job at your university, yet get paid less than pretty much anyone else with their level of education and intelligence.

The following simple five rules are offered with the intent of helping you maximize the chance to make the most of your connection to people who are likely to evaluate you and have an effect on your future. Some of your classes will not always be the most exciting things you imagine doing with your time. And, although you may enjoy trying to win the game of getting a decent grade in a class without showing up, professors are generally pretty smart.

You can consider it a basic guide to working with these strange, but surprisingly useful, creatures. Not only do we try hard to make class time useful for you, we have experience designing tools to evaluate you that reward your attendance and involvement.

Indeed, many of us in university classrooms actually listen to suggestions you make about what we can do to engage you more in the material we teach.

Professor Jerhree is a very funny teacher and makes class fun. Pay attention to the slides, he may say it's in the book, it's not.

That being said, he doesn't talk about anything we need to learn but rather his past experiences. He will mention something once and it will be 15 questions in the test.

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