Dating tips for long term relationships

Brangelina, Bennifer, and Tom Kat are just a few of the celebrity power couples to have been given a nickname by the press to define their relationship.Whilst there is nothing wrong with becoming an official ‘couple’ in this way, it is important to maintain your individuality as a person.To avoid this, surprise your partner every so often, even if it’s something as daft as a fridge magnet you thought they’d like.The little things count and its gifts like these that show you’re thinking about your partner when you aren’t together.Showing your vulnerable side will make them want to care and protect you, strengthening the romantic side to your relationship.There are moments in every relationship where you come to the point of despair, often during an intense argument.An occasional shopping trip, night at the cinema, or meal out will bring back all the feelings you had in the beginning and bring you closer as a couple.Setting mutual goals together will enable you to understand where your relationship is heading.

These things never stay buried and will eventually come back to bite you later, which could do more damage than if you had tackled the problem head on.But when the feelings of ‘why do I even bother’ arise, remembering why you initially got with your partner and all the happy moments you’ve had together can lift this feeling and help you realise that all relationships have their ups and downs, it’s how you deal with them that matters.During an argument it’s easy to see red and scream obscenities at each other.It will ultimately eat away at your relationship and the trust will have gone.When you get comfortable in a relationship, it’s natural to fall into a routine which can become mundane over time.

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