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Oh and one more thing, if you are from the greater megaopolis of Los Angeles then just say you are from L. No one cares whether you are from north hollywood, hermosa beach or irvine, its all the same thing. Think of the scene from the movie 'Easyriders',"Ya ain't from around here, are ya?

Born in California, raised in Nevada, lived in Nevada most of my adult life too...... " *Eastwood spaghetti western music playing in the background*Californians have the stereotype of being preoccupied with looks, youth, and youth culture.

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I do know that 40,000 people left California and moved to Missouri in 2004, I thought it should not be that risky having that in my profile. CKHi realbrunette, I live in Wisconsin (that Midwest enough) and have been to Calif once in my life. I would think that they have the same stereotypes that most other men have about southern california women...are shallow with no substance and ultimately missing the whole picture when it comes to 'life'.

So please tell me, what do Midwest Men really think of Southern California women???????????? I have no preformed thoughts re: Southern California women. But see if your in chicago or a city close..can multiply this by about 15 because most guys in those cities 'know EVERYTHING'.....

It also suggests that you might have bit of chip on your shoulder about being from there and that you look down upon other parts of the country. If you don't make issue of it why should anyone else?In fact, I usually don't tell anyone that I'm from CA anymore, until I get to know them a little better due to the strange comments I have received in the past.I just recently added to my profile that I'm from CA and have already had a strange comment stated.Do you really have any preformed thoughts or stereotypes?????? Since we know that all midwestern men think the same thing about all women from southern California, it should be simple enough to find any one of them to state that group's opinion.I used to be from the midwest, now I am from the south. It seems to me there is a deeper question here: What do midwestern men think of women from the midwest who used to live in southern california? My former boss's wife is from So Cal and she can drop right into the Valley Girl talk. Beyond her, I have no personal experience with So Cal girls. I'm sure Hollywood and the entertainment biz had a hand in forming some opinions over the years.

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