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She took hold of this deponent’s feet, and drawing his body up into an heap, she lay upon him near two hours; in all which time he could neither speak nor stir.” When the paralysis began to wear off he bit Martin’s fingers and she “went from the chamber, down the stairs, out at the door.”Bridget Bishop was also accused of witchcraft in testimonies which seem to describe sleep paralysis experiences.Richard Coleman claimed that Bishop had “oppressed him so, that he could neither stir himself, nor wake anyone else, and that he was the night after, molested again in the like manner”.

In the history of Western medicine, sleep paralysis has been documented for at least 300 years.

There is evidence that Persian doctors also knew of sleep paralysis.

A 10th century Persian medical text by renowned physician Rhazes (865-925 CE) describes the following condition:“The nightmare…

When she opened her eyes, she saw an insect like alien being on top of her bed.

A male abductee awoke in the middle of the night seized with panic.

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