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Another fun idea: they have sleepovers for grownups after closing time, where they promise to let you learn “some adult aquarium content” and “explore behind the scenes areas.” Float on.

Bowling is an easy win, unless of course you can’t bowl.

But art strolls like the Castleberry Hill version are; just show up on the second Friday of the month, and you can zip through galleries like Zu Cot, Mindzai Creative and Granite Room.

Art isn’t free, as you might know if you’ve ever looked at the price tags on beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Just be sure to pick the right date before you make the 35-minute drive from Downtown, especially if your romantic interest finds you more plump than super-sweet.The skywalk extends from a bluff in the Garden into the branches of oaks, hickories and poplars. And not just any meat, but Brazilan steakhouse meats. These date ideas in Atlanta should totally get you started.The woodland gardens below are home to various lighting events as well. With items like steak, chicken, lamb and pork along with a gourmet salad bar, there’s something for every taste. I’ll be adding more and more to the list as I continue to explore this incredible city which I now call home.Midtown During every Friday Night Music Remix you can pay half-price admission to ATL’s world-class art museum and create drawings of a live (unfortunately clothed) model.If you can’t make it to the canvas after that, blame your own lack of creativity.

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