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Other letters followed, which I also attach, and which can be seen to be nearly verbatim as many letters others on this site received from someone similarly named Diana.I also attach pictures, again which are similar to others reported here.

Today there was really ridiculous case with my cat Murka, I still hold houses fishs, my cat observed of them with top, but was unintentionally broke and has fallen in an aquarium to fishs, having frightened thus and and ?

I live together with mine cat Murka, she my best friend!

She also likes to ask to have a meal black color at me, in exchange on it she may sit next hours me and purr. please write me your letter in e-mail: [email protected] my beautiful friend Keith I am sincerely glad, to that you have answered me again. Your letters give me a charge of energy for all day! In the letters you may ask me about everything, that interests you about me.

Unfortunately I badly know the English language so I the first time shall be to use the translator, but I go on rates, on studying language. But if I on them do not answer you, do not take offence, I simply can not understand it , set to me it slightly on another and I it is indispensable on him shall answer you.

It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, but this way has very much liked me as I was answered at once with the person who has liked me.

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