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Don’t show the text that he just sent you to all of your friends. So, what I do is I pick the number, like my favorite number 87, and I make sure all of my text messages are 87 characters of less to a boy, no matter what.I know, it’s tempting every once and a while but would you want him showing around your words? Another thing to remember when texting with the opposite sex is to keep it short. That keeps it brief, keeps it to the point and keeps it just a little bit mysterious and flirty.(My junior high must not have offered that language elective, because I had no idea there was a secret language.) 3: When is it appropriate for you to begin eating? The tops of the knife and fork should be pointing to the ten o’clock position on the plate. My name is Shallon and I’m here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. Here are some easy tips to make sure you are following proper text etiquette. If you are one of those people who sends like U and C and Like with a y, you look kind of illiterate, not cool, and you probably are literate so go ahead, take the extra six seconds and spell out the words you are trying to say. I once had this boy texting me who literally put LOL at the end of every text. I know, I know you will find ten thousand excuses to break this rule, trust me, but I promise you that if you stick to it you will cultivate some amazing habits and you’ll keep him more interested in you.Etiquette lessons help teens communicate in a way that’s clear and respectful in any situation.Teens learn the art of conversation, meeting and greeting others and civilly disagreeing.The lessons teach the young people about telephone etiquette, including manners regarding cell phone use.

In order to get him to eat his food, his mother asks him, “Randy, how do the little piggies go? 2: When you excuse yourself to use the restroom, where do you place your napkin? How do you think your children or the youth in your wards would do? * Don’t “shovel” your food – never pick up your plate and bring it to your mouth.

Girls learn about the best outfits to wear for different occasions, like for a date, dinner out with the family or a job interview.

The teachers may also review makeup and hairstyling tips, the best ways to carry a purse and how to accessorize.

The lessons also cover how to eat different foods, like soup, pasta or tough meat.

Such classes prepare teens to be good hosts at a party, gracious guests and respectful diners at a restaurant.

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