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You pursue someone or they pursue you, but you each do it from afar and through a "machine." You're "somewhere in the swamps of Jersey" as The Boss sang, and he may be in New York or for some inexplicable reason: Idaho.

No matter, even if he's around the corner he can disappear at any time in part, because you usually don't have any direct means of contacting him until deep into the relationship.

The husband was silent and brooding and the wife was seething with sarcasm and resentment.

They had been married for twenty years, had two kids and were financially secure.

Women become depressed because they feel taken advantage of by husbands who do not supply their needs.

Of course, they are part of the problem because they suppress their needs and wants in favor of children and husbands.

This dynamic consists of one partner pursuing while the other distances; the more the pursuing partner pursues the more the other distances, and .

“When this couple entered therapy they were clearly alienated and angry.

There was little doubt that they were headed for divorce.

Boys are taught to suppress their emotions and to focus instead on being aggressive, competitive and independent.

In other words, they are raised to be masculine and that translates into being unemotional and strong.

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Given our fast-paced technological times, online dating is perhaps the most popular avenue for finding a mate.

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