Dating car registration plates

The police officer will take the Mulkiya copy and start making a report for a lost item in the system, it takes a minute.

The report will be printed and stamped and handed over to you. Now that you have a police report, you need to go to an RTA office, not any RTA office is okay.

You need a branch with plate factory and we recommend the RTA headquarters in Deira near the airport.

Flying cars have long been the unofficial signpost that will mark our entrance into The Future. Subsequent attempts at the flying car, though they flew, weren’t very practical.

It would take just five hours of training for the average car driver to learn how to safely operate the craft.

And fortunately for future airborne commuters, the TF-X would feature automatic systems that avoid mid-air collisions, detect bad weather, and automatically implement an emergency auto-land procedure if the driver becomes unresponsive.

The first step, you need a lost item report from Dubai Police for RTA to issue another plate.

Development Timeline You’re going to have to wait a while before you get behind the wheel of a TF-X.

Secured to the floor of one of their Airbus A330s, the precious cargo can either be accommodated in a single row or in a side-by-side configuration.

The vehicles spotted in central London over the past few weeks - following the end of Ramadan - often attract the attention of tourists and car enthusiasts, who are intrigued by the tailor-made versions of famous models.

This turbocharged beast can do 0-60 in 3 seconds and has a top speed of 205mph.

It's also a gas guzzler, coming in at 24.8mpg A bright yellow Lamborghini Aventador which can cost around £300,000, was pictured parked up in Mayfair yesterday.

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The owner purchased a removable double-bubble hardtop for the car, which cleverly fits into the same mechanism as the folding soft-top. The seats have been re-trimmed and new carpets fitted, all of which are in excellent condition.

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