Dating allowed during marriage separation

Fortunately, when this unique and powerful emotion is uncovered and addressed, its negative influence on marital love can be reduced significantly and often resolved.

Each of us bring into our marriages special gifts, however, we also have a predominant emotional or character weakness(es). The good news is that if spouses work diligently on addressing their personality and emotional weakness that they can be overcome, particularly if there is a spiritual component to the healing process.Please rate the self-giving in yourself first and then in your spouse by identifying the appropriate number on the following measure.0 - Never | 1 - Very Little | 2 - Moderately Often | 3 - Very Often Now, how do you think you and your spouse do in regard to giving yourselves to the marital friendship?It is a major cause of marital anger, conflict and divorce.It turns a person in upon himself/herself, thereby severely damaging the ability to give oneself cheerfully in marriage.

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Often this trust wound is completely unconscious, but emerges under times of stress and is misdirected at ones spouse.

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