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The Ransacker broke into the home of Claude Snelling on September 10, 1975.Snelling, a journalism professor at College of the Sequoias, was shot dead after he caught the ransacker attempting to kidnap his teenage daughter.“Victim Snelling confronted an unknown suspect near his carport area, and discovered the suspect was attempting to kidnap his juvenile daughter, who was 16 at the time,” Salazar said.He was employed by Exeter from 1973-1976, when he subsequently left to join the Auburn Police Department, where he was fired in 1979 for shoplifting a hammer and a can of dog repellent, according to a report from the Auburn Journal at the time.From April 1974 to December 1975, the Ransacker did indeed ransack and burglarize homes across Visalia before he escalated to an attempted kidnapping that ended in murder, and later shooting a Visalia police officer in December.You can sign up to alerts from operators to find out when specific advance tickets are available.Most advance tickets are on sale until up to 6pm the day before.: Most Railcards cost £30 per year - or £70 for three - and cut a third off the price of many tickets. They are available for families, people aged 16 to 25, those aged over 60, the disabled and any two people travelling together.

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Something has clearly gone wrong and we'll make sure it's looked into straight away.' After his tweet went viral, Vine told Mail Online: 'I was looking for a ticket and bang, I got hit by this. I can't work out if it's a glitch on the system or a genuine fare. Since I tweeted this I have had a number of people offering to drive me for half the price! Vine's tweet also showed how a more flexible first anytime ticket was on sale for £204.50.

A Great Western Railway spokesman said: 'This is an error; at present not sure if this lies with our systems or wider industry systems, but we are looking into it.'The standard class prices from Exeter to Paddington on a weekday are £48.40 for a super off-peak single, £65.40 for an off-peak single or £125 for an anytime single.

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One way train ticket from Exeter to Paddington, first class, nearly ONE THOUSAND pounds?

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