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In July 2013, he was arrested after going on a drunken rampage and smashing up the display case at a pizza restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Miracle actor, 35, was found dead in his car at a remote beauty spot in Des Moines, Washington, on April 24.

But while Miracle was a hit, the rest of his acting career proved less distinguished and concluded in 2008 with the critically panned Matthew Mc Conaughey movie Surfer, Dude.

Special Forces colleague Matthew Martell, 33, of Dupont, Washington, told Daily that Mantenuto had joked about his later movies, telling the men and women of his unit to give them a miss.'He told us the other movies were not good and not to watch them actually, so he was very funny and that I respect,' Martell said.'But as far as Miracle goes, he was very humbled [by its success].'Two years after Surfer, Dude bombed at the box office, Mantenuto joined the army and, in 2013, took the Special Forces training course at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

As Daily reported at the time, the father-of-two was listed as a 'John Doe' in the initial police file after being found without any form of identification. Mike Graddon, of the Des Moines Police Department, said Mantenuto's identity took a further 24 hours to establish as a result.

Photographs of the scene, released via a public information request, show the black Glock 23 pistol that was found in the Disney star's hand and a cache of spare ammunition.

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