Dating a liar a cheater and a jerk newjersey dating site

Continuing to place all the blame on the innocent party is just the natural next step in a cheater's rewriting of the past.

When liars and cheaters make up something to be angry at, it makes them feel like their behavior was justified.

It's the sh*tty people who can't help but project all the sh*t done onto other people. Why do those who have wronged you feel the need to make you feel worse than you already do?

All of this seems counterintuitive since it's normal to think those who have hurt you -- someone they're supposed to love and care deeply for -- would show some kind of remorse and try to mend the pain.

By removing something terrible from their memory, liars and cheaters can create their own version of reality.

Smith continues: Denial is one of the coping mechanisms that cheating [people] use to mentally make it okay to cheat, [so] rewriting history and blaming their partners shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Eventually, Smith says, liars and cheaters get so caught up in their web of deceit that they forget what's true and what's false, which makes it even easier for them to continue to perpetuate lies.

The date went extremely well and he wanted to take it further, but she didn’t find it appropriate for the first date.Maybe, if you start noticing unusual hostile behavior, you'll realize it means something else is happening beneath the surface, and none of it is your fault.You should never, ever feel guilty for asking what's up if you suspect deceit, nor should you succumb to the version of the story the cheater will fabricate for him or herself.It makes them feel like you what they did to you, like there's a reasonable explanation for why they would hurt you.After all, according to their version of the story, you hurt them first.

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They do feel guilty for hurting you, denying the truth and shifting the blame in irresponsible ways.

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