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I get questions from married men, single women, people in almost-relationships, and more.

I've heard scandals, stories, and more confessions than I know what to do with. Of all the questions I get, one of the most common ones I field from men is the Nice Guy Question.

I don't need some drug fiend that's gonna get me into fist fights with her ex and trouble with the law and who I can't take anywhere nice cause she is trashy.

Give me a quiet librarian type that is kinda boring but wants to be choked and spanked behind closed doors everytime.' Good girls', 110%I'm getting into my late 20s so by now all the 'bad girls' have turned into bad people.

He's just looking to get what he thinks he's entitled to; and that's really not attractive.Be mature, you wanna be bad, then tie cuff me to the bed and have your way with me for a while.Other than that, keep it kind, sweet, and straight forward.r/Ask Men is the premier place to ask random strangers for terrible dating advice, but preferably from the male perspective.The party girls have drug problems, the girl you just met who's sucking you off in the bathroom does this with a different guy every weekend and doesn't give a single fuck about any of you, she's drowning in credit card debt because she can't hold down a full time job, her 'crazy ex-boyfriends' have felonies or are incarcerated, she's burned bridges with everyone important in her life so you are going to be all she's not pretty.Conversely, all the 'good girls' are really fun.

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Usually, it's asked in the following way: Most guys can't figure out why women aren't attracted to nice guys.

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