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I did corporate strategy, real estate, and private equity internships all before junior-year IB recruiting began, and then I won a summer internship offer in an energy IB group at a bulge-bracket bank in Houston.

Unfortunately, my timing was horrible: Just as I started, commodity prices crashed, and deal activity, especially in the upstream (E&P) sector, froze up.

That’s a huge mistake because banks in Houston want people who a) want to stay there for the long term, and b) want to stay on for Associate roles and move up the ladder.

Sector Selection: The Main Determinant of Your Fate? Which banks have the strongest presence in Houston?

It’s fine if you’re married and raising a family, but it is not a great place for younger/single people (in my view).

Q: We’ve covered the verticals within oil & gas before, but do you have any thoughts on the best ones for gaining deal experience and exit opportunities?

Houston falls somewhere in between these two extremes.

Those schools aren’t necessarily “targets” for banks in NYC, but they are for Houston-based groups.

Also, even if you’re at a lesser-known-but-still-good school (e.g., anything in the top 20-30 in the state), you still have a shot at IB because there be alumni in the energy finance industry.

We’re not going to send you anything else.” Q: And that’s what encouraged you to switch into a different industry.

A: Pretty much – although it was also quite random.

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In interviews, they do ask about energy-specific concepts, but the amount of technical knowledge you need is exaggerated.

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