Dating a desi

And that’s a fact I want to start off by apologizing for the extreme delay since my last posting.Between the end-of-year holidays and getting a new job, life has been extremely crazy. And so on that note, let’s dive in to my next appalling story…That understanding ends when you graduate, get a real job, and can start to afford small comforts. Even the dining table had ornately sculpted legs with cherubs on it. IKEA sells some pretty affordable furniture and it doesn’t look like you moved into your grandmother’s house. But I have to give that guy credit; at least he had furniture.I wasn’t planning on saying anything because, let’s face it, most guys don’t care about what their furniture looks like. But then, the guy says “Can you believe I found that couch on the sidewalk? ” I looked over and I see he has a large, proud grin on his face, like I am supposed to congratulate him for being so thrifty. Or at the very least, borrow some old furnishings from your parents. Another guy I dated, I walked into his apartment, and where there should have been a couch, I found a sleeping bag in disarray and several stained pillows.Again, I reiterate, it’s unattractive for a 25 year-old guy to still think and act and like a frat boy. It was an immediate turn-off and whatever chemistry we had quickly dissipated.In nature, females are biologically programmed to want the best mate to father their offspring.

Tip 1: Use proper English There’s nothing that’s more off putting than a guy that uses horrible English.

And those couches always seemed to smell and sink in awkward places.

While it’s not really acceptable to live like this at any time, it’s somewhat understandable when you’re a poor college student and can’t afford a maid or new furniture. The furniture reminded me of an old cat lady’s home, something out of the 70s, with floral prints and lace frills, the whole shebang.

So their natural instincts are most attracted to the strongest, handsomest, smartest, most virile, and most powerful male of their species. One of the indicators of a good mate is how mature and put-together he is.

So when he dresses well, owns real furniture, and keeps his house clean and tidy, we get weak in the knees.

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