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Cane's (Daniel Goddard) job pushing cosmetics is causing more problems for his relationship with Lily (Christel Khalil) than his pretending to be the real Phillip Chancellor ever did!This week on Am I the only one who feels these story vignettes for the Winters/Ashby clan are a bit shallow and uninspired? He had long hair and a beard, and he looked like Jesus. Usually, it’s expensive and you don’t buy it, and anything you see any celebrity wearing is usually borrowed. And there are certain poses that actresses know how to do to make their dress look good. CHRISTEL: I was the only person from “Y&R” last year, so that’s probably why I won. Do you like the whole process of picking out a dress to go to these types of ceremonies and to walk the red carpet, or don’t you really care? I try to put it off as long I can, because I hate formal gowns. MICHAEL: So, what’s prepping for an award show red carpet like for you? You go to lots of different shops or designers and look at choices and options. (She laughs) I feel like a goofball when I am standing there.Billy Miller (Billy) is a great actor and I have worked with Daniel Goddard (Cane) for a long time. Chloe is about to give birth in the cabin where Billy and Lily are having a romantic getaway! CHRISTEL: We are there for a Valentine’s Day trip and Chloe follows us there. At first I don’t believe her, but then I see clearly that her water broke. CHRISTEL: Billy found out when Chloe fell off the ladder and she went to the hospital. ” When he finds out he keeps it quiet, because he figures out that he is the father. MICHAEL: Isn’t it odd that Lily, who just found out about this lie, is helping to deliver the new little bundle of joy? I mean, it’s a big snowstorm and we are all snowed in. Then the way that Lily reacts to it ends up working out really well, also. MICHAEL: MICHAEL: You recently got married to musician Stephen Hensley. She is looking through the window and she hears Billy tell me that he is the father of her baby. But before we do, Billy is feeling very guilty and that’s when he says to Lily, “Listen, I have to tell you something.“ Chloe overhears it and bursts through the door. that’s how long @Doug Davidson YR has been on @Yand R_CBS #Damn ! When I think back on my life I don’t remember looking this grown up at 12 years of age... Two beautiful & brilliant women who’ve raised 2 magnificently kind & gracious kids who I promise to guide look after through this amazing TV journey.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) is one of my best friends. I do it myself because I am too cheap to hire anyone. I am that girl in school again who is like, “Ah, don’t look at me.” (She laughs) MICHAEL: Are the crying scenes, as Lily, the easiest or hardest type of scenes for you to play? Honestly, I loved when Josh Griffith was writing the show, when Lynn Latham was gone because of the strike. So, it’s great having someone who knows the show and how she writes it. It’s never based about talent or what someone can really do, but Josh was great. With his acting, he is very analytical and precise, and I am totally go-with-the–flow. There are days when he makes me think about something more, and times where I will make him calm down. I think that’s why people like us together, because we have this really great way of how we work together. It cracks me up so much about some of the characters on the show. Then he chopped his hair off before he came to Hawaii as a surprise for me.[Aug 27, 2012] News Archive: Deal reached to keep Khalil as Y&R's Lily. So, we started dating and he came to Hawaii with me, a month after meeting me, for my birthday. For our one-year anniversary we want to go somewhere really big… But he wants to talk about it right away, which is good. I got to bring my three dogs, which was great for me, since it’s hard to find someone to take care of them, usually. I am the kind of person when I am upset I want to be left alone, and then I will talk.

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The two women could discuss how Lily survived ovarian cancer, went on to have her miracle family, work in the hospitality industry and now return to the public stage.[Apr 23, 2015] News Archive: Daytime stars challenge Hollywood celebs to join the genre [May 5, 2015] News Archive: Stars open up about their most life-changing moments [May 6, 2015] News Archive: WATCH: Y&R's Joshua Morrow, Christel Khalil, and Melissa Claire Egan help The Price Is Right's Yodely Guy find a new career [May 16, 2016] News Archive: Y&R reveals new cast photo in celebration of 11,000th episode [Jul 19, 2016] News Archive: Y&R recasts Cane and Lily's son, Charlie [Nov 28, 2016] Family Trees: Scan the many branches of the Winters family tree.

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