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To view any of these ads in full, or add your own advert, simply visit the relevant model page. how do i remove the plastic casing which surrounds the radio/cd player as standard screwdrivers dont seem to fit the screws? - Cardigan,west wales..2000 (w) clio 172 engine wanted, bare block and head will do, aslong as it has reasonabally low mileage and has good cambelt on it, no need for alternator exhaust etc etc just bare engine. Renault clio williams engine/box/loom/ecu,widetrack, or possibly complete car if cheap enough, any condition considered.On there you'll find all the ads for that particular model in greater detail, and also details on how to place your own For Sale or Wanted ad - it only takes a few seconds. - Cardigan,west wales..2000 (w) clio 172 engine wanted, bare block and head will do, aslong as it has reasonabally low mileage and has good cambelt on it, no need for alternator exhaust etc etc just bare engine. Desperately needed, mk2 phase 2 172 cup interior and full dashboard, plus console and gear surround, plus the rear axle with hubs, brake discs and calipers, rear suspension shocks and springs. also any clio 1.8 16v parts - uprated shocks, cams, etc...I had a lot of information in my archive that is source for this article.I had for many years contact with an old historical interested Husqvarna employee Gunnar Granquist; his nephew Bertil Granquist has taken over his archive and he has been most helpful.Swedish Lahti M40 pistol " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="size-medium wp-image-7734 " alt="Swedish Lahti M40 pistol" src=" width="450" height="337" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px" /Finnish Lahti M 40 pistol " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="size-full wp-image-7733" alt="Finnish Lahti M 40 pistol" src=" width="357" height="387" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 357px) 100vw, 357px" /Lahti M 40 pistol " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="size-full wp-image-7730" alt="Lahti M 40 pistol" src=" width="196" height="612" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 196px) 100vw, 196px" / In 1940 two representatives from the Swedish army (Magnus Hedenlund and Charles Holmgren) managed to buy the production rights from Eimo Lathi in Finland, who at the time worked for the Tikkakosky factory.Unfortunately the Swedes needed cannons too, so all the alloy steel went to cannon production.

Hello i own a renault espace phase 3 i would like to know what is the object near my front mirror is it a clock or some part of the alarm system i already have a clock by the ashtray what ever it is i need to know why it is not working - Lydd.. i have a renault digital display (speedo radio etc ) seems to have a bulb anyone know how i would replace it? When i fill up with diesel the diesel gage will not light up only a few will....this a faulty gage are is it bulbs blown ?? sensor & keys seem ok but nothing happens when trying to lock/unlock. Renault laguna 1.6 sport 16 valve petrol, 1999, spares or repairs. Hi i have a megane cabriolet 1998 16hp 16v it need some replacement parts.These beautiful performers will make all your duo sex dreams come true!All couple webcam shows are live, so we're sure that you will adore watching the hottest sex twosomes on sexcams.All existing entries for new & secondhand Renaults are listed here. currently have a clio 1.8 16v that is going to be a trackday car. Mk1 clio 16valve with williams wheels and graphics in williams blue...11 months mot, toad alaem, magnex cat back exhaust, currently on sorn....message available on request 800 no offers - Chesterfield..Engine cuts out for no apparent reason (2002 1.2 clio) wait a few minutes and will re start not much good when you are a driving instructor!!! Does anyone know the about the clutch problem with 2.2 diesel ? Major el;ectrical problems with lights, does anyone have a wiring diagramm for a 1992 espace all advice woul dbe so gratefully recieved as i am nemployed at present and have to do repairs myself thanks so much - London..1991 phase 2,espace,full car,will break if enough interest.

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plugs, dis cap, rotor arm all replaced...checked and get no no spark from king lead when hot.

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