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These are set not very long after the Battle of Endor.

Initially the comics were supposed to run through three arcs, about twelve issues, but they ran for a good thirty-five issues, not counting the bonus short comic "Rogue Squadron One Half" or the prequel which was a three-issue arc that came out in 2005, did not involve any input from Stackpole, and is generally considered inferior due to Off-Model art and rampant decompression.

Literally — Wedge forms it in the first book, looking back on the most successful Rogue rosters and realizing that they were fundamentally composed of pilots with commando skills, then mixing that idea with the odd Career-Building Blunder and amping it up as part of a gambit to avoid being promoted to General and becoming a Desk Officer.

The first issues were published in 1995, and the series ended abruptly in late 1998.

Stackpole (see below) certainly had a hand in them, but exactly how much influence he had appears to vary from issue to issue and arc to arc.

Unlike later multiple-authored series, the X-Wing novels are somewhat smaller in scope and fit into events established by other books and comics, often retconning little things to make events more sensible.

There are some references between the games, the comics, and the novels; ties are most obvious between later comics and Stackpole's novels.

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Stackpole is known for getting along well with Timothy Zahn, and the two trade Shout Outs with some frequency.

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