Control validating

This quality control engineer will be available all the time on-site.

He will check the quality of deliverables at each stage; e.g.

Here you will analyze whether the product performs its intended use as it was envisaged.

The validation process does not involve the project management team.

Example Let’s continue with the example given for the control quality process.

You have completed 50 km out of 200 km of the road.

Now let’s discuss the control quality and validate scope process in detail.

Verification is an internal process performed by quality control engineers where you make sure that the product meets all stated requirements, specifications and complies with regulations.You invite the client to come and inspect the completed part of the road so that they can formally accept it, and you get the payment.The client comes and sees if all of his requirements have been met or not.The purposes of these two processes are different, and both processes are performed in a different manner.The control quality process is performed internally to ensure that deliverables are defect free, complete, and fulfill all stated requirements.

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