Common dating mistakes women

Tamara Star believes happiness is not a destination, but instead the ability to see the ordinary through eyes of wonder.If you let her, she'll show you how to take the life you're living and turn it into a life you'll love. Want to improve the odds of a second date with a great guy? Many women have gone home happily after a first date, believing it couldn’t have been more perfect. Please, don’t obsess like Gigi in “He’s Just Not That Into You”: You don’t have to replay the whole date in your mind to figure out what you did wrong.

She's also the creator of the original 40-day Personal reboot—a six-week clear the slate for more love & happiness virtual program.

It’s a game of back and forth, but honesty stays the number one quality everyone respects.

The way you communicate, the little things you do for your man, the ideas about the relationship you have (that might need a reality check) – all of this plays an important role in your love life.

But if you really get who men are and you know how to talk with them so they hear you...well, they'll jump through hoops and climb over mountains to be there for you. Lisa Copeland is the Dating Coach who makes over 50's dating fun and easy.

It’s really hard to balance things out when it comes to participating in the dating world.

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If the two of you click, the conversation will flow.

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