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"It's a handy trick for an animal with small eyes that lives in very murky water in the Amazon and Orinoco River basins of South America." The new eel habitat at the Tennessee Aquarium features probes in the water to detect the discharges.

(Caution, Googling this will result in imagery that you can't unsee). Believe it or not, we get asked about jumping naked quite a lot and while we're not opposed to anyone skydiving Tennessee in their birthday suit, it's not something we offer our guests as it can be offensive to others joining you on the ride to altitude, and as mentioned earlier, adds an unnecessary risk.

There is great freedom that comes with skydiving naked (or so we've heard). Some people look at it as a cathartic experience as you literally shred off all that holds you back and take the plunge. You're living entirely in the moment and if you're naked, you're surely going to be laughing in the moment. If you Google naked skydiving, you will get endless results of people jumping in the buff (mostly in Europe) and what you see doesn't look good.

When it comes to naked skydiving, it's the furthest thing from sexual or attractive.

Many skydives usually involve sliding in particularly on light wind days. Occasionally, based on a multitude of variables, you can land outside of the main landing area which could involve high grass or even an occasional cow patty.

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Yes, this eel-with-a-human name lives at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga and produces enough voltage to create tweets, according to Aquarium spokesman Thom Benson.

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