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Such an act would be unlawful in us: but he that desires to preserve chastity must avoid the sight of objects that are apt to excite unchaste thoughts. hereby lust is enkindled as a fire.” Gaze not upon another’s beauty; for from looks arise evil imaginations, by which an impure fire is lighted up. Francis de Sales used to say, that After being a novice for a year, St.

“Gaze not about,” says the Holy Ghost, “upon another’s beauty; . Bernard could not tell whether his cell was vaulted.

It was by the voice, and not by the countenance, that he was able to recognize them. Hugh, bishop, when compelled to speak with women, never looked at them in the face. Clare would never fix her eyes on the face of a man.

She was greatly afflicted because, when raising her eyes at the elevation to see the consecrated host, she once involuntarily saw the countenance of the priest. Aloysius never looked at his own mother in the face. Arsenius, that a noble lady went to visit him in the desert, to beg of him to recommend her to God.

He once, without perceiving a lake, walked along its banks for nearly an entire day; and hearing his companions speak about it, he asked when they had seen it. Peter of Alcantara kept his eyes constantly cast down, so that he did not know the brothers with whom he conversed.

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that all inordinate affections and desires are excited.

Hence, holy Job made a covenant with his eyes, that he would not so much as think upon a virgin.

Why did he say that he would not so much as think upon a virgin?

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For having once looked deliberately at a woman who was gathering ears of corn, the Abbot Pastor was tormented for forty years by temptations against chastity. Gregory states that the temptation, to conquer which St.

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