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P1500/2500 and up to P3500 (less ladies drinks already bought) at some places , small number P1500 for bar fine ; Tip for the girl after the deed/s Short Time/Long Time : Best to ask girl what she is expecting before you pay the bar fine. By comparison Angeles on average : P1300/1800 bar fine normally , plus non obligatory tip of P3/500 the next morning ! Very bad value , when the author of this info gets respectable looking girls for P1000/1500 all up (no need for additional ‘tip’ , no barfine , no ladies drinks) elsewhere in Phils (read the website). They asked me to sign chit but I insisted on paying as I go.

And don’t forget, try and avoid a girl with an ‘attitude’. Burgos bars right now : Thurs to Sat nights , is when bars are firing at their best …. Rogues : This one has become popular lately cause of its more reasonable prices. Barfines in the vicinity of P1500/1800 , if your lucky. This is principally , a top Show Place , its not a Go Go bar as we know them. Other fully dressed girls , yes , can take out (not cheap). Time I visited , my one and only chit should have been P479 but was closer to P600.

I saw one guy putting his arm around one of these girls at the table. Yet her ladies drinks are costing around P390/490 each.

Time is limited as to how long she sits with ya too , maybe only 30 mins. Add to that , they have boyfriends or husbands waiting for them after (hence 2am/4am ‘runners’ from your hotel room).

Even Angeles is jacking its sex bars girlie prices up , but its got a long way to go , to catch up to relatively expensive EDSA and P. Remember in your travels , classy buildings , furnishings , classy gear on the girls ….. Take the gift wrapping off and you have same girls as in cheaper places (eg Angeles).

Better still , agree to her calling at your hotel room before she starts work , at about one third the cost you’d pay if done through the bar.

Trouble for girl if found cutting bar out of bar fine earnings.

It you paid to take one back to your room its going to cost you a minimum of P5000/6000 for sex with her , one shot only , plus a tip , possibly in vicinity of P1000 , and for sure she goes home early , say 2am she will do a runner , go home , regardless of your protests.

The aforementioned does not apply if your Brad Pitt : ) For me , its a perv only place.

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