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Cupid; from which Sanscrit word the Latin Amor is derived.

Booty, gain, fortune: to lel cappi, to acquire booty, make a capital, a fortune. Hay: cas-stiggur, haystack; cas kairing, hay-making.

For every chomany there's a lav in Romany: there's a name in Gypsy for everything.

Perhaps derived from the Russian Tchernoe (black, dirty, wretched); or from the Hungarian Csunya (hateful, frightful); whence the Chungalo of the Hungarian, and also of the Spanish Gypsies.

Connected with this word is the Scottish Chiel, the Old English Childe, and the Russian Chelovik.

Cheaus is an old French hunting term for the young ones of a fox.

To cut the stick; to cut skewers for butchers and pegs for linen-lines, a grand employment of the Gypsy fellows in the neighbourhood of London.

Baba (grandmother,old woman,hag); Baba Yaga, the female demon of the Steppes. Possible, it is possible: astis mangue, I can; astis lengue, they can. An affix by which the future tense of a verb is formed, e.g. Sheepish, belonging to a sheep:bokkeriskey pire, sheep's feet. [Persian: ] Bazee, baz (play, joke), whence the English cant word 'bosh.' See Bashadi.

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