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STRICTLY Come Dancing has become known for being a hotbed for romance - creating and breaking some iconic celebrity couples during its lifespan.

But Channel 4's new show, Flirty Dancing, actually embraces the infamous "curse" and combines dating with dancing. Channel 4 will take two complete strangers each week and teach them one half of a fully choreographed dance routine.

"I want to bring a bit of old-fashioned romance back to dating – the magic that can be created without a word being spoken…" Flirty Dancing is expected to air on TV screens next year.

But they're accepting applications for the show NOW.

She describes one candidate as “very Botticelli” before giving them the heave-ho.

Happily, Aina picks fast enough to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Each dance has been cleverly tailored to illustrate the singletons' personalities and what they want from a prospective partner.

The singles will learn their routine separately so that the first time they meet their match will be a first date like no other.

C4 states: “In an increasingly complicated dating world, some evolutionary psychologists and sexual scientists believe that our bodies alone may still project the best information for us to select a successful partner.” Anna and a fully-clothed dater looking for love stand in front of six differently coloured Perspex boxes each containing a naked love match.

The front of the box is slowly raised from the bottom to reveal each match’s legs and genitals, their torsos and heads remaining obscured.

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