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At the end of it, not one, but two people independently asked me about Overholt et al., which supposedly ruled out the idea that passages through the galactic spiral arms affect the appearance of glaciations on Earth.

I told them that the paper had really stupid mistakes and it should be discarded in the waste bin of history, but given that Overholt et al.

In the article, I also discuss how the discovery came and some of its implications.

I am bringing a slightly expanded version here (with more figures and elaborated caption), and references of course. About a year ago I decided to upgrade the site, but didn't get to finish it.

Clay is a refractory substance; it will vitrify only at temperatures of about 2,900 °F (1,600 °C).

If it is mixed with a substance that will vitrify at a lower temperature (about 2,200 °F, or 1,200 °C) and the mixture is subjected to heat of this order, the clay will hold the object in shape while the other substance vitrifies.

Just over a week ago I received an interesting call from a science magazine reporter. Two weeks ago a science magazine paper appeared claiming that once various systematic errors in the sea surface temperature are corrected for, the global warming “hiatus” is gone. According to the study, temperatures over the past 18 years or so have in fact continued rising as they did in the preceding decades. I recently stumbled on a transcript of Bill “the science guy” Nye’s interview on CNN last week.

It briefly describes a very interesting discovery that my colleagues and I made, which is that the 32 million year oscillation of the solar system perpendicular to the galactic plane can clearly be seen in the paleoclimate data.

is still considered at all, I have no choice but to more openly euthanize it.

Since I look for interesting science bits (mostly astro bits) for the Monday coffee of our astrophysics group, I realized that I could share it with the readers including some interpretation (and hopefully some added value) by your humble servant. If it works (and won’t be too much time) I’ll continue!

Note, you're more than welcome to post comments, however due to some flooding by spam (mostly for v-pills), some precautions were placed.

There are now two options to place comments: Our new results published today in nature communications provide the last piece of a long studied puzzle.

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