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However, positive scripture messages, about love and justice, do exist and can be used to empower women rather than keep them "single and lonely." Weems says Cooper fails to examine deeper threads.

"If they meet a black man that is not in church, they are automatically eliminated as a potential suitor."I don't think the church keeps black women single," Watkins says."But I do agree that some black churches teach women that they must only date a man that goes to church regularly." Watkins, who is African-American and whose father is a Southern Baptist minister, described his interactions with southern women who are devout churchgoers.Boyce Watkins, a professor at Syracuse University and advocate for African-American issues, responded to Cooper's article online.Though he applauded Cooper's courage to voice her opinion , he agreed -- and disagreed -- with her.

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"I am a male and I know that I will treat a woman well, but I have been rejected many times because I don't thump a bible with me everywhere that I go." All in the numbers One of biggest reasons black women are single, Cooper says, is because of a lack of black men in the church.

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