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The food choices are a fish (David Rudman), a corn on the cob (Kevin Clash), and a glass of milk (Martin P. The plate ultimately chooses all three, thus making for a healthful meal. Gordon asks the audience what would happen next with help from the Dinger and Maria (as Charlie Chaplin). On the 1st round, Maria as Charlie Chaplin steps on the banana peel on the ground.

On the 2nd round, Maria sits on a bench with only Three legs and it knocks down.

The object of the game is to spin a wheel with a pig in the middle and guess how many times it will go around (with one squeal per turn).

The Count wins, but after being given his choice of prizes (including a larger-than-life portrait of Playjacks himself, grapefruit goggles, and a barrel of industrial-strength gray-green finger paint), he chooses the pig instead.

The next group is a fish, a clam, and a scuba diver, who all belong in the water.When Chester's clues fail to enlighten Maurice, Chester resorts to tickling. " The pair win, but Maurice gets his own back by tickling Chester and Guy Smiley.Name That Food The object of the game is to identify foods that appear on a screen and then eat that food.The prize is whatever the contestant correctly matches.The contestants in this skit are Cookie Monster and Bill Smith.

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Then an eel comes along to ask Pat Playjacks if the game is called Eel of Fortune.

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