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who changes the casual dater’s heart, you’re more apt to be disappointed.Not to say that things couldn’t get serious, but if flexibility and choice are key motivators for the casual dater, keep your emotions in check.” I pushed my chair away from the table, and he got up. Armando again held up traffic in the far left lane (there are still three other lanes to his right to choose from), failed to use his turn signals, and intentionally went straight in a right-turn only lane. We arrived at my house, Armando pulled into my driveway, then turned the engine off.As he began to get out of the car I said, “Armando, thank you for an interesting evening, but this is goodbye.” He then proceeded to reach across the console of his car, pulling me toward him.Little did he know, the couple who were initially intended to occupy our table were seated directly behind him, giving me the evil eye the entire time.I finally said, “Armando, it’s been a long day, it’s time to take me home.” To which he replied, “Oh, my darling, the night’s just begun!I offered to pay for my share, he insisted that I didn’t.

The preference is to keep their relationship open, flexible, fluid and focused on personal pleasure, sex.If you could just play along, this could be entertaining.” The manager smiled and graciously allowed us to stay. On top of being successful, Armando is exceedingly fit, handsome and can be quite charming.We had wonderful discussions on a variety of topics, and then he asked, “Have you ever thought of gastric surgery?They’re on speed dial for the occasional booty call, they may even be your escort to a special event, or just hang out for drinks now and then…WHATEVER FBs are all about convenience, and each person may have multiple FBs.

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