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So upon start and coming out of sleep, it reverts back to stopped again.

for certain packages, at this stage Microsoft Security Essentials and Kaspersky Products, and if your query relates to one of these it would be best served in one of those threads.

I am using "Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client v3.1.04059" to establish a VPN connection to a campus network at a university.

When I start the VPN client (vpnui.exe) I receive the following error message: ).

Detected everything I threw at it, excellent performance, negligible system impact, recommended.

https:// Malware Recently tested the premium version but also noted they have a free version which I have not installed.

It stalls and affects the devices – even though it claims it doesn't. Nor would I use Norton at this stage, as it gave an older computer a virus, after claiming it was up to date, and I promptly returned it.

Okay thanks Their is KIS & TIS as above, both 2015 (which were are copyrighted 2014).f As stated above should I wait or get the 2016 version, or get this year's version & just get the updates at a cheaper price & 'discounted' price?

Additionally, the Anti-virus for SME thread can be used for discussion regarding SME (Small/Medium Enterprise/Business) environments.

Nevertheless, it would be better to install F-Prot Antivirus than to try to survive on the security that comes native with Windows.

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