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To mark the much-beloved duo’s 30th anniversary, we wanted to say “thank you” to Amy and Emily for everything they have given us over the years …the art and the activism, the influences and the inspirations.

In their highest form, songs are vibrations from a higher world, which humans have been given the power to channel.Meanwhile, Ray and her partner, screenwriter/director and teacher Carrie Schrader, had a daughter, Ozilline Graydon, in November 2013, shortly after Ray lost her father; and in January 2014, Ray released a country album, "Goodnight Tender." But running tandem to these changes, additions, projects, and losses, Indigo Girls continue to thrive -- after three decades together -- and make gorgeous, harmony-laden folk music. Their latest album, "One Lost Day," was released on June 2, and in advance of their tour stop in Ann Arbor on Friday, Saliers answered a series of questions. I read that your daughter [age 2] is occasionally traveling with you now. Imagine my surprise when I moved to Boston in my early 20s and heard the Indigo Girls for the first time on WUMB college radio. Though I did not know it consciously, a part of me understood: Those voices were gay women from the South, like me. The harmonies peeled back layers of scar tissue at my center, exposing a longing in me that I could not name. I’d spent the last decade subconsciously flirting with death. I was hoping to succeed my way out of the feeling of being lost.There was SOMETHING THERE for me, personally — a brand new, yet deeply familiar sound. I parked my black Toyota restaurant truck in the driveway, turned the radio up loud, sat there stunned, and listened as the song played out. What was this, some kind of cosmic lesbian musical sorcery? The song coming out of the radio was called “Strange Fire.” Hearing it for the first time in my truck that evening literally hurt. I lived with a gaping hole in the center of my being that I poured booze and dope and romance and success and any other thing I could jam in there to deaden the pain, the sadness of an unlived life. Somehow, the sound of that song on the radio saw me and called to me, but I couldn’t understand what it was telling me about myself.

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