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The things people say: "When my girlfriend comes hopping out of the bathroom with her beautiful stump protruding six inches below her baby-doll nightie, my cock immediately roars to attention." "Sitting in the movies, my wife removes her prosthesis and then lets me caress and fondle the stump of her right leg while she plays with my cock.It is the most erotic experience you can imagine." "I love it when my fiancé wraps the sexy stubs of her legs around my hips and squeezes while we are fucking.Probing deeply into her subconscious in a number of sessions with a psychiatrist, the interesting fact that she had had an amputee girlfriend when she was a child, came to light.

What it is about the stump of a missing arm or leg that turns a lot of people on, is difficult to pinpoint both from a psychological view and for the people who are excited by it, but this reporter has made as thorough an investigation into the subject as possible.

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Here they are with a cock of their own and they are getting excited by a woman because she has a large stump.

I may be somewhat in left field on this one, because there are, of course, people who are sexually titillated by the bizarre or the abnormal and they get off on a stump simply because it is something that your average guy (or woman) deems sort of taboo.""However," the doctor tells me, "I don't personally give a damn what it is about amputees that some people find sexual.

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