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Indeed, the feeling of hopelessness and confusion felt after a raid, when it was unclear where people could find somewhere to live, be provided with food or clothes, or set about getting their lives back on track, was reckoned to be dangerously lowering to morale.

But what was this "Blitz spirit", so valued at the time and later evoked by politicians in need of a storehouse of British fortitude and resolution on which to draw?After a time, the same spirit led many to refuse to take shelter when the alert sounded, declaring that they would rather stay in their beds and get a good night's sleep, since if a bomb "has my name on it" their fate would be decided anyway.Although there was much talk of letting "Jerry 'ave it", and much ridicule of "that painter-decorator with the silly little toothbrush moustache" who was bombing Britain almost nightly, there were few serious calls for retaliation on Germany during the Blitz – though the popular press sporadically tried to orchestrate them.That first terrible night set the pattern for the Blitz.First, the bombers would drop incendiary bombs; if left unattended, these would start fires that would absorb the resources of the Civil Defence workers and act as a beacon for the next wave of bombers, which would drop deadly high explosive bombs, ranging in weight from 112lb to the "Max" at 5,500lb.

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