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As of 10/21/10 we have sold 253 volo circuits, here are the results straight from the owner's e-mail. Volo has only been around about 2 years now, a small company. Please be patient with us in developing these circuits. Raw data, no changes, 100% truth, Negative advertising, but truthful. Also note, most will post a negative comment to complain, rather the guy who gets good results, will not comment. I had better mileage coming out of the mountains and across the desert, than normally, but after Flagstaff and down to sea level, it became worse.No other circuit on the market day does what the Volo chips do, they read the RAM side of the EPOM of your ECM, not the ROM side as 99% of the mechanic tinker with. No lose from your wallet, if it does not work on your car, just .00 for postage. Volo VP15 results from a customer Contact e-mails from 10/08 to 4/12. Many new makes and model cars are being designed and patches fixed on certain models. Please send us your results so we can keep adding to this page. I am now at our place in Baja and have disconnected the chip.30% mileage increase with an HHO kit from HG garage. More engine MAPS with VP4-VP7 software updates (11/12) correct alot of the cars and trucks below that did not get results.HALL OF FAME - 36% better mileage for the last 225K miles since the install!! If your are not satisfied you can get your money back of purchase price. We offer a a refund of .95 if you send the circuit back in good shape. The volo circuit is built to last, it should last many years.One thing I noticed is that the response of the accelerator is much better, like a new car.Ford Explorer 1998, 4x4 4.0 litre I already had HHO booster, a dual O2 EFIE & MAF enhancer. 1996 Isuzu Rodeo & 2003 Chevy Malibu So far I've had two successful installations with Volo FS2 and putting two of my cells on each vehicle. 2003 Lincoln Navigator - worse mileage when I installed the Volo FS2 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 I just bought and was delivered a FS2 circuit for my 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500.2015 HALL OF FAME CAR RESULTS BUDDYS FUEL VAPORIZER RESULTS New B2 Model, New 7.6 version, FS2-HHO-Edition Same programming as 2.0 to 7.6 version has just corrected some mapping and added more cars & pickup trucks up to 2014 and now a faster micro processor chip inside. 12/13 Check and see if your car or truck is listed in the 20,000 engine maps.

CVHHO 8x10 hydrogen cell system & Volo FS2, plus a K&M air filter. Update 11/12 ( 225K miles on this work truck, since the hho cell was installed, still running after 2 years of driving, no problems and he just add water and never had to clean out the cell and never added electrolyte ever again. Use your browser's FIND tool ( cmd." f ") to search for your car or truck fast, in the list below.

Customers from 1/2009 to 4/2010 got on the average 82% better mileage, more HP and were satisfied. Most recent results are the lowest on the list below. 15% of the customers got no gains, or had other issues, installed incorrectly, many factors. FS2 Volo Install video on Youtube compliments from Ray. Trouble Shooting below 2005 Chevy Impala - 32 to 48 MPG. What I noticed with the chip is that it seemed to lean out the injectors, but this caused a loss in power and I had to compensate with more pedal pressure, resulting in more fuel usage.

20% were dissatisfied, or hooked it up wrong, or was installed on a car that needed servicing before installing the volo circuit. We work with them to solve issues so try giving us a call or e-mail us. Below is a list of results from the nice people who bothered to contact us back. I am now testing the mileage without the chip for a comparison during our stay here and subsequent trip back to Colorado.

The best mileage I have gotten with it is 21 mpg on a 40 mile trip highway and some city driving with hho on.

I had the FS1 on before without hho and the best I got was 19 mpg. GMC Sierra Truck 2006 = I'm not a very exacting person but I do know this device is saving me money the truck idled at 900 rpm's, its now slower at about 500 rpms. Dodge Ram 1500 4.7, 2002 FS1 results = I wanted to let you know that at 15A we were at 15% but now at 11.5A we're up to 30%!

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