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That means a person must have a mutation in both copies of the CFTR gene to have CF.

If someone has a mutation in only one copy of the CFTR gene and the other copy is normal, he or she does not have CF and is a CF carrier.

Each chromosome is made up of many genes, which are the entries, or topics, in the encyclopedia.

The DNA code is made up of letters that spell out the entries of our genetic encyclopedia.Each baby has the same chance to inherit CFTR mutations from both parents, no matter whether any of the other siblings are carriers or have CF.When someone with CF has children with a CF carrier, the children will either be CF carriers or have CF.Sometimes the differences are minor or do not affect a person's health -- like two encyclopedia entries that are worded in slightly different ways but still say the same thing.In these cases, people's genes may differ or the protein made by the gene is slightly different – resulting in a different eye color -- but the genes and the proteins work correctly.

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